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R: “I am unlovable and will never be able to have a healthy relationship…”

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Have you ever caught yourself feeling that way? Maybe after a breakup from a meaningful relationship? You are not alone! In fact, questions I get from prospective clients are often about my approach as a therapist and how I can help with thoughts and beliefs like this. Over the next few weeks, I will be talking about my vision and approach to get clients to a healthy emotional state of being. My hope is that ALL of us would learn to REALIGN our lives by identifying the things that keep us stuck. REALIGN stands for Restructure, Equip, Acquire, Liberate, Independence , Generate and finally, New/Now.

Today I want to talk about what it looks like when I help my clients RESTRUCTURE! In therapy, we will challenge and uproot unhealthy core beliefs that do not serve you well. “I am unlovable and cannot keep a partner” is just one common example. Together we would return to the relationship or negative event that caused this core belief, to identify where the healing point needs to take place.

I want to hear from YOU. What are some unhealthy core beliefs that do not serve us well? Sometimes it’s hard to identify these in ourselves, which is why I am passionate about helping others RESTRUCTURE and move toward restoring balance and mental health. To book an appointment or learn more visit

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