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A: When life gets out of balance, it’s important to take time to REALIGN

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

For my clients REALIGN means Restructure, Equip, Assess, Liberate, Independence, Generate and New/Now. Once we restructure and equip, it’s time to ASSESS.

At this stage of therapy, the client and I work together to identify and evaluate roadblocks to their emotional freedom. When we assess behavioral patterns and relationships that are problematic, they can begin setting the necessary boundaries to protect what they want to obtain. We often overlook who or what may be the source of our negative core beliefs. I often help clients struggling with codependency to assess their behavioral patterns and relationships.

Taking inventory of the client’s relationship with his parents, for example, can lead us to identify that perhaps their caregiver wasn’t emotionally available. The result may be that the client has become accustomed to that and are now seeking out partners who are noncommittal and unavailable. They themselves can become codependent, seeking validation.

What helps you when life gets out of balance? If I can help YOU realign and restore your mental health visit to book your first appointment!

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