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E: My therapeutic approach with clients allows them to REALIGN and restore...

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

REALIGN stands for Restructure, Equip, Acquire, Liberate, Independence, Generate and lastly New/Now. Last week I shared an example of helping clients restructure negative core beliefs after a breakup. So what comes next after restructuring? Being Equipped!

Together, we acquire new life skills and healthy mindsets. I support my clients by introducing and building new core beliefs, while challenging the old, unhealthy ones. In the EQUIP phase we explore and tap into preferable outcomes by asking questions like, “What would you rather feel in this situation?” or “How would you rather respond to that person?” This continuous work brings that preferred outcome within reach, by reframing old mindsets in order to recognize and deeply believe that you ARE lovable and CAN have a healthy, sustained partner relationship.

Changing the core belief changes the goal, which changes the outcome. I believe that you already have the internal strengths needed to change your life- my job as a therapist is to help equip you access them.

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