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N: I get the joy of watching them move into a completely new phase of their lives...

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

It is so rewarding to see my clients overcome substance use disorders, heal childhood trauma and mend broken relationships. I support individuals as they REALIGN – Restructure, Equip, Assess, Liberate, gain Independence, Generate and move toward New/Now! After all our work together, they have a comprehensive understanding of – and the ability to implement – new strategies to take their next steps now.

In this NEW/NOW phase, the client is taking a new path forward, knowing exactly which step is next. You have clear, measurable goals and a plan to move toward accomplishing each new goal. The client not only has the healthy cognitive thought patterns, but is also empowered to take the next correct action! Through family and marital counseling, clients gain confidence to use learned tools to resolve conflict. The client with substance use disorder begins to understand their triggers and develop a plan to help self-regulate and find freedom. Clients begin turning away from old beliefs, unhealthy people and the destructive environments that facilitate addiction patterns. During this phase, the client takes on new challenges, new goals, they return to faith exploration, improved physical and financial health and have wrapped themselves in a full support system.

Realigning your mental health and finding freedom to move toward the NEXT phase of your life takes a lot of work, but you don’t have to do that alone! To schedule a time to take that step together, visit and get started restoring your life’s purpose today!

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