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Realign yourself

in a supportive environment.... regardless of where you are in life.

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 to realign to a healthy emotional state of being today.

Meet Shawn James, LCSW


I am a psychotherapist, practicing as a Licensed Clinical Social Worker. I completed my Bachelor of Science in Community and Human Services in 2011, and my Master of Science in Social Work with a concentration in Mental Health in 2015. I have been licensed since 2015. I believe that there is no place in your life that is too dark that cannot be healed. Healing is not a single event that just happens, it is a journey with various levels of new insights and growth.


I love supporting people through the difficulties of life. In doing so, I love to laugh, joke, connect, be real and down to earth. I have an audacious and thought-provoking approach to treatment. My approach allows me to directly connect with clients in a manner that is comfortable and authentic. Through treatment I provide clients with healthy challenges and autonomy in guiding their own treatment. My goal is to provide a safe and supportive environment for clients regardless of where you are in life. 

I believe that by walking through The 7 Steps to REALIGN it is possible to restore your mental health. I believe we all have the ability to recover and heal from our losses, disappointments, hurt, pain, and traumas. I believe our body, mind, and spirit can heal themselves through the process of REALIGNING our mental health with the proper support and guidance. Lastly, I believe it is important to unlearn unhealthy ways of being.

Oftentimes when we experience suffering and challenges, we naturally have the desire to feel better, become more and do more. I have the tools and information to support you in exploring and discovering how you can achieve that kind of emotional freedom.

Balancing Rocks

Why Realign?

Realign Process


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 Together we will challenge and uproot unhealthy core beliefs that do not serve you well.



Together we will acquire new life

skills and healthy mindsets.



Together we identify and evaluate roadblocks to your emotional freedom.



Together we take continual steps toward enhancing your sense of emotional freedom.



You will come to a place of independence where you can self-maintain the progress toward igniting your purpose and passion.



You will generate holistic growth and alignment which will enhance your financial, relational, emotional and spiritual health.


 New & Now

You will have a comprehensive understanding of and the ability to implement - new strategies to take your next steps now.

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